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H2HWellness_websitelogoHeart to Heart Optimal Wellness of Skokie, Illinois, provides holistic health and wellness training as well as energy balancing and pain relief services. Now serving the greater Chicagoland area.

Energy for Healing

“Everything is energy” is not just a saying, it is a natural law that many acclaimed scientists and Nobel Laureates share. Our belief at Heart to Heart Optimal Wellness is that harnessing personal energy and learning how it affects your health can lead to enhanced wellness and better physical and emotional states, and enhanced mental clarity.

While energy medicine is not a diagnosis tool or an illness cure, it has been shown to help realign energy levels and alleviate many aches and personal health issues. Using various Eden Energy Medicine techniques, you can become more self-aware and self-contained when it comes to healing and personal well-being. Balancing and harmonizing your energy and helping you change your energy patterns is what Heart to Heart Optimal Wellness Center is here for.

By Balancing Your Energy, You Can:

• Increase Your Mental Faculties & Learning Ability
• Improve Your Digestion & Manage Your Weight
• Strengthen Your Immune System
• Relieve Physical Pain & Allergies
• Alleviate Insomnia & Release Stress
• Enhance Your Overall Wellness & Health

Holistic Approach

Energy StonesThe link between personal illness and individual environments is well-documented and is becoming clearer and more widely accepted in Western medicine circles. My passion for personal health led me to energy medicine. My dedication to helping others promote high level wellness and peak performance is absolute.

Incorporating my knowledge and experience with several other healing modalities and learned practices allows me to truly provide you with the balancing and harmonizing instruction and wellness services you need and deserve.

For more information about Eden Energy Medicine, energy balancing, and holistic wellness modalities, email Sallie Eggers or call 847-849-9566.

Credentials of Sallie Eggers

Education & Licensing: Nursing | Nutrition | Massage
Awards: Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Certification
Membership: AMTA—American Massage Therapy Association

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energies.” —Albert Szent Gyorgyii, Nobel Laureate in Medicine


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